Homemade Easy Banana Smoothie

The smoothies or fruit smoothies are one more option healthy and tasty to take fruit with other ingredients that combine great and they make a single milkshake is the breakfast or snack perfect . In addition, I personally think they are the perfect solution to give out those fruits that have remained ripe , and thus not only do we take advantage of them, but their great contribution of natural sugar means that we do not have to add added sugar to recipes, so They offer a very interesting healthy plus.

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This banana and cinnamon chocolate smoothie is a very simple recipe , since you only need to crush the ingredients, and best of all, you can adapt it to your liking , for example by choosing its texture, incorporating other fruits, changing the proportion. cocoa or adding other ingredients that you like, further down in the Variations section you will see all our suggestions. Of course, it is a shake to serve very cold , so we recommend you leave it to rest in the fridge to drink it cool.

Ingredients to prepare banana and chocolate smoothie with cinnamon (500 ml, 2 people):

  • 1 ripe banana.
  • 500 ml of cold whole milk (and if it is fresh milk, the one they sell refrigerated, it will still be tastier, although you can also use semi-skimmed or skimmed milk to lighten the recipe).
  • 2-4 dessert tablespoons of pure cocoa powder (we have added 4, but it goes according to taste).
  • 5 hazelnuts (optional).
  • Cinnamon to taste.

Preparation, how to make the recipe for banana and chocolate cinnamon smoothie:

  1. Peel the banana . If you want to do it with your own hands, you should know that a good trick is to peel it from the bottom, simply by pressing a little you will open it and you will not even need a knife.
  2. Put the banana in the blender with the cocoa , cinnamon and hazelnuts.
  3. Pour the milk on top.
  4. Grind it until the mixture is homogeneous. We have used our blender and in 30 seconds we had everything well mashed.
  5. Try it and rectify it from anything: if you need more cocoa for a greater intensity of flavor, if you prefer it more liquid with more milk, or even more banana to give it a thicker touch.

Serve and taste:

This shake should be served very cold, which is the richest it is, so we recommend that you let it rest for at least a couple of hours in the fridge to cool completely, although if you cannot wait and the milk you used was cold, you can have it freshly made.

For example, you can prepare double the quantity and  keep it in the fridge perfectly for 2-3 days and take it for breakfast, a snack or whenever you feel like it, it feels great!

Cinnamon Chocolate Banana Smoothie Recipe Variants:

The world of smoothies and fruit shakes is almost endless , and you can vary the ingredients however you want. Add a tablespoon of oat flakes to give it more texture and flavor, add other fruits such as apples, or instead of milk use other vegetable drinks , for example oatmeal, soy or rice, and a little vanilla will also go well. great.

And if you want to have it in a bowl for breakfast, substitute some of the milk for yogurt and its texture will be creamy, ideal to take with a spoon.


Always try to use ripe bananas , the kind that already have almost black skin and their interior begins to look like a jam, since you will take advantage of all the natural sugars in the banana and you will not have to add more to the smoothie.

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