10 Hobbies for Mom

You don’t have to be an artist or be a pro to have fun doing an activity you love! Here are some hobby ideas for you to unwind and take time for yourself.

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Cook freely!

Cooking for your little family every night can sometimes be a chore. The children are tired, too, and the fridge can be almost empty because you forgot to go shopping. But when you have time to cook, everything is under your control and you try new dishes, the experience can be really interesting. Discover new spices, amazing pairings and unusual foods.

Some cooking classes teach you basic techniques or offer classes according to a type of dish (Thai, Italian, Greek, etc.) or according to a theme (wines, brunch, fondue sauces, pasta, desserts chocolates, etc.). Try the experience as a couple or with a friend. You can also opt to buy a mouth-watering new cookbook and have a special meal once in a while.

Click Click!

You have the most beautiful and sweetest subjects before your eyes: your children. Since you love to flip through your photo albums – virtually or manually – and share them with your loved ones, why not combine business with pleasure by taking a photography course? Thus, you will discover useful tips to better frame your images, to give depth to your shot and to create spectacular atmospheres. The lens and its camera will no longer hold any secrets for you and so you will take even more pleasure in capturing all the beautiful moments of your life in a series of “Clicks!” Click! Click! “


Cut, tear, glue, embellish, add, assemble, write, etc. : in short, create beautiful pages to keep all your precious memories. Now, scrapbooking is no longer limited to albums. Also make cards, bookmarks and more! Sit down with friends or alone in front of a table lined with ribbons, stamps, buttons, papers, shapes and various accessories to dive into a world where nobody gets away without having become totally addicted!


Would you like to travel more? Eager to learn about other cultures, you like to immerse yourself in the flavors, colors, stories and traditions of foreign countries. Why not learn a new language – or perfect it – while you wait until you have enough money to fly to your dream destination? Take a course in a school in your region (CEGEP or university), in your city, a private school or even through lessons with a book and a CD.

Read or write!

Lover of books and words, join a book club or a writing workshop. No resources in your area? Take matters into your own hands and be the instigator of the project! Gather other passionate readers, pick one book a month, and chat over a good cup of coffee. Writing is an art and as a artist you need the perfect tool, a good fountain pen will be your right companion.


We cannot move every year, but it is possible at low cost to change our decor to beautify our home. A project can take a few hours, a weekend, or even span several weeks. Make a stained glass for your living room window, learn to sew quirky curtains or turn your living room into a little haven.


Blogs have become a modern way of writing our memories or even our personal journal.

To display the impulses of your passion (there are many blogs of passionate “scrapbookers”) or to write a chronicle on your family life, the blog can become a means of communicating in a different way.


Crosswords, sudoku, scrabble, etc. You choose! Some have fun racking their brains while reading their newspaper, but for others these word, letter or number games are real loopholes that force them to forget everything to find the solution. There is a great variety in both notebook games, table games or even computer games.


There is nothing cheesy about knitting! Far from there! Several Hollywood stars have also started! A stitch in the place, a stitch in the reverse! It is awesome to see all the patterns you can achieve just knowing the basic stitches!


On your clothes, furniture, glasses or plates, on a canvas, on ceramics or on wooden objects, let your creativity run free with paint and brushes!

Make jewelry!

Pearl bars are the latest innovations that spontaneously attract a lot of moms. The colored pearls become in your hands precious and original jewels! No one will be able to have such. Don’t settle for necklaces! Make bracelets, earrings and rings too!